About Chaotic Hope
Welcome to Choatic Hope @ Stormrage, we are a friendly laid back guild with a progression raid mentality. We have a core group of players with vast raiding experiences in old/current content and welcome every player from the casual to the heavy raider. Our main goal is advancement but in the end it's only a game so getting together with good people, hanging out in vent, and making new friends is the real accolade.

Our current raiding schedule is Normal "trial runs" on Tuesdays @ 8:00PM (ST), Heroic content is on Thursdays @ 8:00PM (ST).  Raids will continue until 11:30PM (ST) +/- :30 mins depending on how quickly we can clear content and the amount of interuptions. All times listed are Server Time (ST), which is currently set for Eastern Time (UTC-05:00).

For a list of all our Guild Rules, Raid Rules, Heirarchy, and overall expectations click
here and/or feel free to contact any of our in-game officers or leaders for questions and/or concerns.

Our current process for our members is this:

1. Join guild
2. Meet iLvl requirements
3. Run Normal Current Content
4. Submit an application to join Heroics (logs will need to be provided from Normal)
5. Progression into Mythics is purely performance based

--Currently all raiders are required to attend Normal runs in order to attend Heroics unless otherwise stated in our raid rules.--

World of Warcraft: Legion
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